About Our Founder and CEO

LUXUCA was founded in 2010 by Sarira Sayad, an honors graduate of McGill University's Desautels Faculty of Management in Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management and Marketing. Prior to attending McGill, Sarira obtained a degree in graphic and industrial design at the International Academy of Design and Technology, giving her new tools to explore her artistic talents and fulfill her fascination with design.

Sarira is a multidisciplinary artist and self-made entrepreneur. She lets her passion, strong sense of self and consciousness for societal struggles guide her endeavors. She recognizes and appreciates beauty, harmony, quality and design in all forms: whether art, architecture, furniture or fashion. She actively engages in many creative pursuits including painting, carpentry, artistic restoration, graphic art, writing and music. As a classically trained pianist whose teacher played for Les Grands Ballet Canadiens, she enjoyed regular behind the scenes access to Place des Arts productions, adding to her appreciation of fine arts and its creation. Being a citizen of the world, she has lived on three continents before calling Montreal her home. Nurturing her unique outlook, she continues to travel extensively to keep abreast of new developments and trends in a wide range of relevant fields.

The intersection of design and functionality always fascinated Sarira. It led to an affinity for meticulously hand-made objects that facilitate daily life, which spawned her love of impeccably crafted handbags. Having collected and worked with premier designer brand bags and accessories for over a decade, she is recognized as an expert in the field of luxury authentication.

Sarira founded LUXUCA with the aim of creating better, more sustainable patterns of consumption for luxury products we adore. Leveraging her unique set of skills, she single-handedly built the company from the ground up, growing it organically since. Her business ethics, luxury expertise and empathy with her customer base hold the company to the highest standards of integrity in customer experiences and authentic designer products.

LUXUCA.COM offers fashion enthusiasts and smart shoppers a way to appreciate and reuse authentic, timeless and exquisitely made items in an exclusive environment they trust. We are continually grateful to our rapidly growing and loyal customer base.  Welcome to our online home. We hope you find something you love and return because you loved the experience.

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