June 01 2011


Posted Jun 01, 2011






This is what happens when a brand becomes larger than life: an obsession develops around it and the results are often exquisite, sometimes strange and other times downright unhealthy...but one thing is certain, it is always a mesmerizing spectacle to behold. Since we'll be featuring many gorgeous Louis Vuitton pieces this month, we wanted to warm you up to the healthier half of the obsession by presenting a mini-blog series on Louis Vuitton and some of its many off-the-wall spin-offs, fans and locations.


1. Larger than life Louis Vuitton Suitcase in downtown Shanghai, China.

2. Designer Gas Mask by Diddo Velema (part of a set of three). In case you're wondering, this is art for display only.

3. The LV Bullet by 21-19 was part of a campaign kit for director Bita Hairdarian’s autobiographical documentary Finding Bibi; where she explores her unique identity as an American born Iranian. Only five prototypes were made specifically for the photo shoot for the press release material for the film. 

4. One of Prince Marcus von Anhalt‘s 26 luxury cars, meant to promote von his “Royal Race” - a tour of expensive vehicles reuniting drivers across Europe.

5. This Louis Vuitton skateboard case and skateboard is the real deal. It sold for $8250  at New York's SOHO LV boutique in 2009. You can bet that the quality of this piece means that it will last a lifetime, but it's obviously more of a collector's item than anything someone would lay on the asphalt...right?

Creative and crazy...but always amazing we say. What do you think?

And while we're at it, let's obsess about some of our NEW LV ARRIVALS.



Oh wow, some of that is pretty insane! I mean I would totally collect those items, but to wear or use them out in public is a different story. The gas mask and bullet are strangely beautiful…so odd.