November 24 2009

Burberry Season

Posted Nov 24, 2009

As the seasons turn, the leaves aren’t alone is changing colors; it seems that we humans are more like trees that we ever thought! Fall brings a cascade of earthy and firey hues, not only on the ground, but also covering the necks and stems of fashionistas in big cities everywhere. When the Autumn chill creeps up, bringing with it its fair share of rain, I just can’t help but notice all the famous checkered umbrellas sheltering stylish ensembles from the elements. And how many city blocks can you walk until the glance of a camel cashmere scarf distracts you. You notice it, and just can’t help it. It’s the ultimate classic status symbol. Out with the bling and in with the cashmere and luxe but functional materials in elegant timeless designs. Like any other classic, Burberry accessories are tried, tested and true!

Every designer brand seems to have “its own” season. I say Burberry has Fall in its corner. Here’s a little tribute to mother England! What’s great with the prominent fashion house is that they’re keeping up with the trends beautifully while maintaining the essence of what makes Burberry Burberry: a simple and elegant design, in the best functional yet luxurious materials available. Burberry’s exposed zipper clutch is fantastic example of how an elegant piece can be trendy and classic all at the same time. No wonder fashion is an art and not a science…you don’t know exactly why, but some pieces just hit the nail on the head, like this one. Clean yet not boring. Elegant yet tough. Sexy yet sophisticated. Love, love, love!