June 09 2011

LV OBSESSed: PART 2 - Multicolore Madness

Posted Jun 09, 2011






The Louis Vuitton Multicolore canvas is undoubtedly one of the most uplifting and colorful prints in the LV handbag collection, and probably of any luxury accessories brand available on the market today. This lively canvas was the brainchild of renown Japanese artist Takahashi Murakami who is known for appropriating popular themes from mass media and pop culture and turning them into larger than life sculptures, Superflat paintings, or marketable commercial goods such as his much celebrated and highly sought after Louis Vuitton Multicolore and Camouflage canvases.

The Multicolore collection in white is a beautiful way to celebrate Summer in luxurious style. It's a refreshing addition to any LV collection that not only looks gorgeous, but also lightens the mood with a burst of color. Now that's priceless and there's nothing else like it. Pair it with black like Vicoria Beckham, a classic palette of neutrals like Anna K, an all-white outfit for most visual impact, or be creative and fun with your mix, as fashion is meant to be. Get inspired, and take a look at what we have in Louis Vuitton Multicolore for you this week.

1. Supermodel Gisele looking gorgeous in one of LV's stunning and memorable Multicolore ads, carrying the Multicolore Franges Bucket -- a Marc Jacobs design featuring Takahashi Murakami's canvas.

2. Takahashi Murakami holding his Monogram Camouflage canvas in front of a collection of his prints.

3. Remarkable Louis Vuitton store in Omotesando, Japan, featuing Murakami's designs.

4. A tribute facade to the Multicolore canvas in white -- Louis Vuitton Matsuya, the flagship store in Tokyo, Japan, by architect Jun Aoki.