February 02 2010

New Year’s Resolutions: So Far...

Posted Feb 02, 2010

Now that we’ve safely passed the first month of the year, I though it would be appropriate to take a quick look in the rear-view and examine how faithful we’ve been to the vows we made before the clock struck midnight…but we’ll stick mainly to the fashion-related stuff! Personally, I have to admit that I no longer make any “official” resolutions, since I’ve found that they usually place too much undue pressure for things that I would sometimes like to work on slowly and naturally develop. However, when it comes to thinking about my closet of handbags and the resources that go into filling it, I’ve made a few unofficial ones that I’d like to share with you. Here they are:

1) BUY QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. As time passes, I find myself buying less, because the bags that I do buy are often much more expensive, have cleaner lines and are of exquisite quality. I figure since they’ll last me for years, I can amortize them over that time. My mom, who’s immaculate in preserving her clothing, still has Chanel bags and custom made Italian boots from 30 years ago. I guess I haven’t been impartial to her influence on my fashion sense.

2) STICK TO YOUR PERSONAL STYLE AND DON’T SUCCOMB TO THE TREND OF THE MOMENT. Having developed my personal sense of style over the years, whenever I walk into a showroom, sample sale or boutique, I immediately spot the one that “is me”. Although I like keeping up to date on the trends and latest collections, I would never wear something just because it is trendy. I think it’s a good idea to opt for pieces that reflect your base style, with a twist here and there. The key to looking good is wearing what you feel comfortable in and carrying it off with confidence.

3) ONLY BUY WHAT YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE. This one relates to number 3 because as a teen, I would buy clothing and accessories on impulse that would stay in my drawer with the price tag on it for years! As I’ve matured and fine-tuned my style, I only go for pieces that I fall in love with, regardless of the price-tag (well, most of the time ☺). If ever I feel lukewarm about something, I walk away. And if my style evolves to a point where I’m no longer wearing a piece, I try to get rid of it, which brings me to my fourth and last point.

4) CLEAN UP YOUR CLOSET EVERY YEAR AND GET RID OF WHAT YOU NO LONGER USE. Unless it has irreplaceable emotional value, if you haven’t used it in a year, it is very unlikely you will wear it again in the next ten years. So, get rid of it, and get some money back while you’re at it! It helps clear your home and your mind, not to mention that it fills your pocket, allowing you to opt for higher quality, with the matching price-rag.

Point is, try to minimize clutter without compromising on style: recycle & renew!