February 03 2010

Alexander McQueen De-Manta Clutch

Posted Feb 03, 2010

Many of us, especially those living in colder climates, are anxious to shed our winter layers and welcome the new season. This Spring will be generous as it will not only unveil blossoming flowers, lustrous green hues and flowing layers of fabric; it will also bring the De-Manta clutch from Alexander McQueen’s S&S 2010 Runway Collection. His collection for the season was inspired by the deep seas, creating a line of digital aqua-blend colored fabrics simulating the flow of and “légèreté” of underwater currents and life in the depth of the ocean. Through executed with tremendous creative vision, unless you’re Lady Gaga, some of his pieces may be too avant-garde for you, like shoes that emulate crab claws. However, a few, like his De-Manta line of clutches are just the right blend of water and wow! Manta fish being the obvious association, the bags are designed with a sleek exoticism that will up the sexy and pop in your Spring and Summer wardrobe. My personal favorite being the multicolored Scuba Python version on top. Stay tuned for availability and prices by the end of March.