February 12 2010

Loss of a Beautiful Voice: Alexander McQueen dies at age 40

Posted Feb 12, 2010

News of Alexander McQueen’s death shook the fashion industry at its core yesterday, who, along with fans of his collections and admirers of his talent, have lost a beautiful voice with his passing. Lee, as he was known to those close to him, was a 40 year old visionary designer of seemingly inexhaustive imagination. I wrote about him and candidly professed my love for his De-Manta clutch just last week. The treasures that he has left behind and his legacy of pushing the boundaries of fashion, from skulls and snakes, “into space” as he would say, will live on. Though admittedly it’s hard to imagine the McQueen house without its Queen, I hope they will be able to do his vision justice in the future. Wishing him peace and serenity, as though he were now living in the world of his heavenly underwater creations of the Season. Thank you for the beauty you brought into this world.