April 20 2010

Viva La Prada!

Posted Apr 20, 2010


I’m thinking back to those moments when I first started buying luxury bags and would get that irritating comment: “you paid what!…for that bag?”. At those times, I always felt like that person and I were from different planets. Understandably, it was usually my mom, who was furious about how I would spend all the money I worked for on traveling the world, amazing dinners and fabulous bags. Ten years later, I still haven’t quite managed to convince her on my logic, but it always felt right, and now I know why.

Take Prada for example, a brand that’s now synonymous with luxury leather goods and high fashion. A Prada bag that I bought ten years ago will still sell today for a good portion of its original price: in part because of the amazing quality, and in part because of the aura and prestige that surrounds the brand.

I have to admit that among luxury bags, Prada definitely makes some of the finest: they truly are of incredible quality. They use plush leathers, treated and coated in various ways that make their bags sensational to the touch. The stitching is impeccable and hardware the best, with that sometimes heavy but always sturdy feel. From Buffalo to Cervo to Daino and beyond, Prada bags retain that opulent Italian feel that many brands are starting to lose. Made in Italy is no longer a given in the luxury world, but with Prada, it’s part of their signature. If you’ve never touched a Prada bag (especially the Cervo or Daino leathers), go to a Prada store near you and get to it! Close your eyes and indulge, it won’t disappoint, and you might never look back. Consider them as investment pieces that you’ll enjoy and that will get better with age…now that’s beyond luxury. Viva la Prada!