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Burberry Accessories Autumn/Winter 2012 Campaign

Posted Jul 24, 2012 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

Burberry F/W 2012 campaign is out. It's classic as you would expect with a resurgence of more structured, vintage-inspired shapes. We like...even though we're still loving the warm weather thank you very much!

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Posted Jun 17, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

We searched high an low for the most avid celebrity Louis Vuitton fans...and here are our top 3: Ashley Tisdale, Hilary Duff and Jessica Simpson. Three lovely and bubbly celebrities in LVoe with their bags and accessories, each with a unique style and favorites. We think all three look pretty fabulous and happy. Tell us, who do you think wears their LV best...and who's collection would you want to dive into?


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LV OBSESSed: PART 2 - Multicolore Madness

Posted Jun 09, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger






The Louis Vuitton Multicolore canvas is undoubtedly one of the most uplifting and colorful prints in the LV handbag collection, and probably of any luxury accessories brand available on the market today. This lively canvas was the brainchild of renown Japanese artist Takahashi Murakami who is known for appropriating popular themes from mass media and pop culture and turning them into larger than life sculptures, Superflat paintings, or marketable commercial goods such as his much celebrated and highly sought after Louis Vuitton Multicolore and Camouflage canvases.

The Multicolore collection in white is a beautiful way to celebrate Summer in luxurious style. It's a refreshing addition to any LV collection that not only looks gorgeous, but also lightens the mood with a burst of color. Now that's priceless and there's nothing else like it. Pair it with black like Vicoria Beckham, a classic palette of neutrals like Anna K, an all-white outfit for most visual impact, or be creative and fun with your mix, as fashion is meant to be. Get inspired, and take a look at what we have in Louis Vuitton Multicolore for you this week.

1. Supermodel Gisele looking gorgeous in one of LV's stunning and memorable Multicolore ads, carrying the Multicolore Franges Bucket -- a Marc Jacobs design featuring Takahashi Murakami's canvas.

2. Takahashi Murakami holding his Monogram Camouflage canvas in front of a collection of his prints.

3. Remarkable Louis Vuitton store in Omotesando, Japan, featuing Murakami's designs.

4. A tribute facade to the Multicolore canvas in white -- Louis Vuitton Matsuya, the flagship store in Tokyo, Japan, by architect Jun Aoki.

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Posted Jun 01, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger






This is what happens when a brand becomes larger than life: an obsession develops around it and the results are often exquisite, sometimes strange and other times downright unhealthy...but one thing is certain, it is always a mesmerizing spectacle to behold. Since we'll be featuring many gorgeous Louis Vuitton pieces this month, we wanted to warm you up to the healthier half of the obsession by presenting a mini-blog series on Louis Vuitton and some of its many off-the-wall spin-offs, fans and locations.


1. Larger than life Louis Vuitton Suitcase in downtown Shanghai, China.

2. Designer Gas Mask by Diddo Velema (part of a set of three). In case you're wondering, this is art for display only.

3. The LV Bullet by 21-19 was part of a campaign kit for director Bita Hairdarian’s autobiographical documentary Finding Bibi; where she explores her unique identity as an American born Iranian. Only five prototypes were made specifically for the photo shoot for the press release material for the film. 

4. One of Prince Marcus von Anhalt‘s 26 luxury cars, meant to promote von his “Royal Race” - a tour of expensive vehicles reuniting drivers across Europe.

5. This Louis Vuitton skateboard case and skateboard is the real deal. It sold for $8250  at New York's SOHO LV boutique in 2009. You can bet that the quality of this piece means that it will last a lifetime, but it's obviously more of a collector's item than anything someone would lay on the asphalt...right?

Creative and crazy...but always amazing we say. What do you think?

And while we're at it, let's obsess about some of our NEW LV ARRIVALS.


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The Classic (not so little) Black Bag

Posted May 26, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger


As with the hallmark little black dress, every woman needs at least one classic black bag in her closet. The beauty of black is that it's timeless and effortlessly elegant, while being appropriate for all seasons. The more modern take on the black bag staple is a relatively simple hobo or tote shape that's large enough to carry all your daily essentials. We propose the Burberry Crompton to fit the bill. Leave it to Burberry to make a classic yet modern one like this. 

Buy it here for less! Burberry Crompton Tote Bag 

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LV takes us Elsewhere with 'Ailleurs' Summer Collection

Posted May 19, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

Bright Fauvist colors and prints, simple shapes worn with a flowing, easy going attitude is what Louis Vuitton proposes this Summer with their beautiful "Ailleurs" Collection. The lush hues of teal and turquoise will no doubt make you feel 'elsewhere' regardless of whether the backdrop is as dreamy as in the ads. Now available at select Louis Vuitton boutiques worldwide and online for US shoppers, the large tote, having seen it in person, is very large -- definitely big enough to carry at least one towel and all your other beach beauty essentials. If considering carrying one these beauties to the beach, prepare for the unavoidable and heartbreaking wear and tear of water, sand and other elements on the canvas. Oh well, my philosophy: it's better to have lived and loved than not lived (or loved) at all! Tell us, would you tote this on the beach?

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Spring & Summer NEUTRALS: Bags that go with everything

Posted May 12, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger


There's no denying the beauty and practicality of a great neutral bag that adds versatility to your Spring & Summer wardrobe. You can pair it with just about any outfit and you're out the door in no time. It's a staple in every collection, and you get to choose between succulent hues of ivory whites, desert sands, taupes, goldens and greys, in prints, textured or solids.

Here's our selection of Spring & Summer Neutral bags now available at



Diane Von Furstenberg Stephanie Clutch Hobo  $500  $450


Miu Miu Suede Shopping Tote - NEW  $1300  $1045

Gucci Pelham Large Tote - Brown/Beige  $1390  $895


YSL Small Canvas Boxy Satchel  $650  $395

Fendi Mini Mama Leather Bag - Like NEW  $1150  $450

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YSL Muse 2 Artisanal Recycled Bag

Posted May 10, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger


Produced in limited quantity of 60 worldwide, with only 15 available in the US, the YSL Muse 2 Artisanal Recycled Bag is precious in more than one sense. Not only is it rare to boot, it also sets a positive and important example of how couture can be both beautiful and sustainable. 

The unique textile is a combination of recycled plastic bags and woven cotton, developed by The women of the Gafreh Association and ‘Les Filles du Facteur’ – a non-profit organization that aims to realize, promote and sustain social, cultural and artistic values for women and children who face hardship around the world. Yves Saint Laurent, in collaboration with these organizations, procured the material at fair trade, meshing the artisanal handiwork of women from Burkina Faso with their own savoir-faire and design genius in fine leather goods. The result: an impeccably and undeniably sophisticated woven recycled canvas bag  that is both innovative and classic.

The limited edition ‘Muse Two Artisanal Recycled’ is available online at in the United Kingdom and the United States from April, 2011 and selected Yves Saint-Laurent flagship boutiques worldwide.


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Savage Beauty: Alexander McQueen Retrospective at the Met

Posted May 05, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

The Metropolitan Museum of Arts is paying tribute to some of the late Alexander McQueen's most riveting creations in a Retrospective exhibition called Savage Beauty. It opens May 3rd in New York city and features an awe inspiring collection from one of UK's most talented designers and artists. McQueen was a true visionary in the fashion world, dreaming life into fashion.  He was a creative genius who brought profound depth and romantic sensibility to his craft and enjoyed the theatrics of it.  It was about empowerment and being in tune with the sublime. Each creation renders a powerful and dramatic experience. He will be missed.

His clothes and mise-en-scène were not only mesmerizing but also poignant statements about history, the force of nature, technology and our place in the future. If you are lucky enough to be in New York from May 3rd to July 31st 2011, don't miss this show. We're already spellbound.

For more information, videos and pictures, visit the Met's website .

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Will & Kate Unite

Posted Apr 29, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger


Prince William and Kate Middleton (now The Duchess of Cambridge) wed this morning. Her best accessory, a dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen recalling the late Princess Diana, and of course, him! Even Karl Lagerfeld (designer extraordinaire and creative head of Chanel) who is usually a very tough critic thought she looked great...and we couldn't agree more. What do you think?

Wishing the happy couple a long and prosperous life filled with love. It's hard enough to find true love without the world criticizing your every choice, so the fact that they found each other and seem to truly love one another is nothing short of a blessing. Congratulations!


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Louis books Angelina

Posted Apr 28, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

Louis Vuitton books Angelina Jolie as their new spokes model for the megawatt sum on $10 million, following the footsteps of other Hollywood greats and music stars like Uma Thurman, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna. I think it's a great fit since Angie has a very simple and classically elegant style, and with her international sensibility: it's a beautiful match to watch. With motherhood, I find that she's become very graceful in her demeanor and I'm sure the outcome will be worth every dollar. I can't wait to see the campaign! What do you think about this pairing; did they make the right choice? Who would you chose?

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Globe Trotting with Louis Vuitton City Guides

Posted Apr 15, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger


If just having your favorite LV bag accompany you while jet-setting isn't enough, consider the uber-chich and very collectible Louis Vuitton city guides as one step beyond fabulous to find your way and love the journey. Available exclusively at select Louis Vuitton boutiques worldwide; they make a great gift for the worldly traveler. Pair this with the Louis Vuitton Odeon PM (for sale here!) and you're set to go!

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Montreal Event - La Grande Braderie de Mode Quebecoise

Posted Apr 10, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger



A little reminder to mark your calendar for La Grande Braderie de Mode Quebecoise sample sale, a uniquely homegrown experience being held from April 14th-17th in the Old Port. The 33rd edition of this bi-annual event will take place at Marche Bonsecours and with up to 100 designers participating, it’ll be hard not to fall in love with something. Montrealers and fashionable friends from afar can save from 50-80% on local labels such as Lady Dutch, Rudsak and Schwingg. 

Mixing high and low accessories adds variety to your closet and gives you the right dose of luxury while still supporting quirky and fresh local talent and brands like Concubine and Samsara, which specialize in handbags. For details, click on the link; there will be lots of fashion for girls and boys alike. We’ll be part of the crowd and hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do!

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FAN our FACEBOOK page!

Posted Apr 08, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger


We're now live on Facebook, at last! Like us and we'll love you back :)

Follow our discussions and links, and get involved! We want to hear your opinions on what's hot and what's not.

See you there!

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Femininity Revisited: Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection 2011

Posted Mar 31, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

One look at Louis Vuitton’s 2011 Cruise Collection and you might just forget that winter is only a mere step behind us. Feminine frocks and vintage shapes set the stage for a romantic and spectacular campaign sprinkled with Vuitton monogram canvas clutches and bags in classic shapes. The lady-like bombshell is back in full bloom with a demure sensitivity.

As city dwellers, we often miss the sight of such flowing femininity that has long graced the coasts of St-Tropez to Positano. I think that the womanly woman has become somewhat of an endangered species here in North-America. Let this inspire you to be more of a fair lady this Summer, and if it fails, you can still be sure that LV bags will grab attention regardless of your attire...but maybe it's time to give the Urbanista in you a rest. Looking at Louis Vuitton’s Cruise collection, are you inspired to dress like Anne V. in these ads and walk a mile in her shoes, or would you ditch the clothes, grab the bags, and make a run for it in your favorite jeans? 

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Gucci: Exposed at 90

Posted Mar 28, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger


American model Arizona Muse demands attention in this spread from last month's Paris Vogue, adorned with nothing but the Gucci handbags we’ve all come to know and love. In celebration of the design house's 90th anniversary, photographer Mario Sorrenti captured the truly timeless beauty of their purses in the aptly named Forever Young editorial. Keeping Miss Muse in the buff was assumingly so the reader's focus wasn't distracted from the bags' designs, although I can't help but feel that his logic might have worked against him a little. Call me crazy, but the very first thing I notice when I turn the page is the very naked lady draped across it...and I LOVE bags. It’s only after the initial rush and blush that I enjoy the thrill I always get when coming across the vintage-like Gucci of the season. So Luxuca puts the question to all you designer handbag enthusiasts: what catches your attention, the purse or the girl? Exposed, or over-exposed?

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Montreal Views - LV from the Block

Posted Mar 21, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

The Louis Vuitton boutique at Ogilvy's was in a very Vernis mood with bell-hop porps. It's time for that glam Spring vacation...Paris calls! Oui Oui.

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You can LIKE us now!

Posted Feb 25, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

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Aww...she likes me!!  I'm touched.

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Montreal Views - Dior on Valentines Day

Posted Feb 14, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

Here's the view from Dior at Holt Renfrew on a snowy Valentine's Day in Montreal. If only Marion Cotillard could melt the snow with her sultry gaze! Alas, that shouldn't keep you from enjoying the warmth of Valentine's lovebirds, and to all the single chiclets, now's the best time to get your fabulous self out there and celebrate a truly enduring kind of love: love between friends. Hugs from the Luxuca team.

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Balenciaga Exhibition NY

Posted Jan 30, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger


If you happen to be in New York sometime between now and late February, make sure to visit the Balenciaga: Spanish Mater exhibition at the Spanish Institute. It's always great to get a little historical perspective on both iconic fashion and the legendary designers behind mega-house brands. The show runs until February catch it while you can! For more information on the exhibit, location and ticket prices, click here.

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Dare to Wear Red

Posted Jan 26, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

You don't need to be as daring as Gaga or use V-day or other holidays as an excuse to wear red...especially patent red. The best way is to incorporate bits and pieces of this luscious color into your wardrobe. In fact, I must say Gaga looks amazing here: sexy and classy. Did I just say that? (Love you Gaga!) The white makes the red pop and vice versa. It's just a classic...and great for Summer bombshell attire. In case you're wondering, here she's carrying the YSL Downtown tote. V-day gift anyone?

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Preview Gucci Ad

Posted Jan 07, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

Hot, Hot, HOT! ...the bag isn't bad either ;) Jokes aside, Gucci is revisiting the boxy vintage styles for its new collections and it's without a doubt very urban-glamazon chic. Makes a definite I'm the boss and I'll melt you with my fiery sexy gaze. Grrrr...

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HAPPY 2011!

Posted Jan 03, 2011 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

Happy New Year everyone! We'd like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing customers for selling and shopping with us. Wishing you a vibrant and joyous 2011.


The Luxuca Team

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Gucci S/S 2011: The Bold Braid

Posted Nov 22, 2010 by LUXUCA fashion blogger


Western influences reigned at Gucci for Spring and Summer 2011. A rather bohemian feel with bold braids, tassels and intricate detailing made for interesting bags that may overwhelm some and underwhelm others. Thick top stitching recalls the Fendi Selleria collection with equestrian influences...but Gucci's take is no doubt more wild and a little less about pedigree.

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Burberry S/S 2011: Color Pops & Reinvented Mosaic Check

Posted Nov 13, 2010 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

The bold and fresh colors popping up at Burberry's Spring and Summer 2011 runway show incarnate the energy and vigor of hotter months with a contemporary and sleek twist. The Burberry team also worked their creative engines to come out with a new and modern take on their signature mosaic pattern for Spring. Overall I think it's a successful collection with elements that show busy and sophisticated patterns counterbalanced with eye-catching yet elegant mono-color saturated pieces. It is not an easy task to re-touch the Check that made you famous, but in this case, it is very refreshing and well done. It helps that they decided to soften this risky proposition by keeping the shapes simple so that it doesn't overwhelm the eye...or the outfit. Even if it might not wow, it works!

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Prada S/S 2011 Dr.Seuss, Is that you?

Posted Oct 03, 2010 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

Dr. Seuss called and he wants his uniform back! I think that says it all dear friends. Not that there weren't any redeeming features to the accessories in Prada's Spring & Summer 2011 collection, but when you pair the vintage shapes and buckle styles with bold stripes, you somewhat end up looking a Tim Burton creation or a fashion-happy jail bird: neither of which is very flattering, albeit amusing.

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Bottega Veneta S/S 2011 Big & Beautiful

Posted Oct 02, 2010 by LUXUCA fashion blogger


The BV runway this season was filled with big and beautiful hobos and top-held totes that were mostly true to the brand's signature style with a modern twist. This was one of the most successful accessories collections at NY Fashion Week in my opinion. Classy and elegant shapes with one the best neutral and monochrome color palettes available on the market today.  Count on BV to make spring colors like lime green look eternally refined as if it were a neutral: subtly muted and just right. Textures were a prominent theme and successfully rendered without making the bags look too fussy. Looking forward to trying them on for size this Spring!

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Girl Talk: SATC 2: Fashion and Fun hits home

Posted May 26, 2010 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

I saw SATC2 just a few days after it came out and I must say I wasn’t disappointed. As a die-hard fan, I was just so happy to see them on the screen again. Of course there's more to it than that: I haven't met a single girl out there who can’t relate to some of the issues these girls go through. I often told myself that they should make the SATC DVDs mandatory in sex-ed…I mean, what better way for a guy to learn about the female "psyche"? The episodes are so funny because they’re outrageously true to life! (Well at least this has been my experience). The second SATC movie also had all the extravagant fashion you could ask for…lots of fabulous high-low combinations for the daring. You have to love a girl who can dress in a purple tutu in the middle of the desert and not break a sweat!

Beyond the laughter and frivolous fashion, this movie offered some meaningful advice...nothing revolutionary, rather, the type of things we take for granted and forget to prioritize despite their importance. The first having to do with space: every individual in a couple or family needs their personal space to just be once in a while, without interruption. How can I miss you if you won’t go away :D ?! It seems so obvious but very few people make it a priority out of fear of being labeled selfish. Far from's a necessity! Second, because the world has corrupted our sensitive minds, we make up stories that make us perceive issues that are non-existent in reality (see: Charlotte and the milk-dud nanny). Stop worrying about what you can’t control and focus on what you can do to make the situation better. Translation: stop being paranoid! (it's your insecurity calling and it wants to ruin your day). Now, don't get me wrong, sometimes there are situations where you can't let things fly...but just don't make a mountain out of a molehill; if it becomes a habit, it'll cast a shadow on your happiness.

From one girl to another, it’s good advice to protect your sanity and enjoy time out for you and the step up, step out, take a trip, take a sip, have a laugh, dance all night, sing out loud, and shop ‘til you drop! In case no one has ever told you, you deserve it, simply for having the talent to walk in those heels ;) 

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PRO-Chic: Urban-Fabulous Professionals

Posted May 09, 2010 by LUXUCA fashion blogger


Power-dressing women today have more options than ever before to incorporate style and femininity in their professional wardrobe. Though some still abide by the old rules of plain dark monochrome suits that mimic men’s attire, many are looking more fabulous than ever with their chic silhouettes and determined strides across the office floor. It’s time to embrace style and femininity when dressing for work. It denounces an elegant and subtle confidence. Some of the best ways to achieve this are the following:

1) Tailored silhouettes: Find a great tailor asap. A well-fitting shirt and suit is the foundation to any professional wardrobe. The extra bucks for the nips and tucks are well worth it. Try to maintain a feminine silhouette by choosing ensembles that fit your shoulders properly define the waist without being tight. Sometimes it’s as simple as altering the placement of a button or shortening the sleeves.

High wasted wide-legs or skinny pants are great alternatives to traditional trousers. Experiment with A-line and pencil skirts. Sometimes little details such a pleat can make all the difference.

2) Play with fabrics and colors. Mix a wool suit and a silk cami for example. Go for tweeds or cashmeres for a change. Stay refined by choosing the right cut, fit and color combo. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to a neutral suit, or pastels to navy and black. Whatever you do, unless you know exactly what you’re doing, stay away from the white shirt, black pant-suit combo: it’s much too waiter meets valet!

3) Accessorize! Silk scarves (try different patterns), bold necklaces, statement watches and of course, amazing bags and briefcases that add the finishing touch to your outfit. Traditional briefcases need not apply when choosing a bag for work; there are so many more versatile and feminine shapes to choose from: totes, satchels, cross shoulder bag or a combination. Consider size, finish, color, and brand. Choosing a great brand not only to takes it up an extra style notch, but you can count on the best quality materials and craftsmanship that will help your investment resist daily wear and tear. In fact, many designer bags actually look better with age and use.

Apply these easy tips to update your daily wardrobe and quietly observe a shift in people reactions: it’s sometimes astonishing. I’ve seen it happen many times, and it may give you the added benefit of a boost in confidence and self-esteem.

When I was attending business school, I had this one professor who was a real inspiration to me: very intelligent, successful in the corporate world, confident, well manicured and stylish. She would walk in the classroom with her crisp tailored suit, sexy pumps, polished hair and Vuitton briefcase. It was quite the sight, and I always thought that she epitomized today’s business woman in so many ways. Her style and demeanor was very unapologetic about being powerful, successful and fabulous all at once…not to mention that she was a mother of three. This is to say that competence and style can intertwine beautifully to create a strong and lasting positive always put your best foot forward.

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Break-Up Baggage: The X-bags

Posted Apr 30, 2010 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

Has there ever been a time where your significant other buys you a heartfelt gift that he’s convinced will fill you with tears of joy…only to be received with a smile that conceals tears of a different sort? You know, it’s that moment when he gives you the ill-fitting present with the sweetest intentions and those puppy-dog eyes. You love it (the gesture) and love him for doing it, but feel like he has n-o… clue. In Sex and The City language, it would be the instance when Big gives Carries a jewel-encrusted duck purse, and with utter confusion and shock, we all thought: “what the hell it that?”.

Well, as your relationship evolved, you gently coached him by skillfully and subtly (sometimes painstakingly) giving him hints that top on your wish list is a Vuitton Monogram Artsy MM and not some variation of a sexy nurse outfit. And one day, for the first time, his intentions were as genuine your delight when you unwrapped your gift and got what you were waiting for! Alleluia! You never thought he would get it, and, let’s be honest, thank Goodness for those savvy sales associates!

Fast forward a couple of years, and you both realized that maybe it wasn’t meant to be, deciding to part ways, but you’re stuck with the baggage (and fish bowl) filled with memories of your X. So what to do with this ex-cess luggage that’s become a burden on your shoulders?

One thing is certain: it’s important to make peace with the past in order to open space and welcome the future. It’s much more than the physical act of getting rid of the old; it’s a spiritual opening to all the wonderful life you still have to experience. It may be difficult, but strong women who are up to the challenge will succeed.

It’s perfectly natural to have an emotional attachment to things. However, to clean up the past is one of the most liberating and empowering acts that you can do. It’s a leap of faith forward and can even be a ritual, coinciding with Spring and a renewed sense of self and optimism for life. Don’t erase, replace! Replace negatives with positives and before you know it, your style is changing and you’re feeling adventurous enough to try a new hairstyle or color, and trade up your outfits and accessories. Embrace the transformation; it’s whole new you! Change is healthy, so get rid of your X-bags and move one-up on life’s alphabet to Y – for YES!

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Viva La Prada!

Posted Apr 20, 2010 by LUXUCA fashion blogger


I’m thinking back to those moments when I first started buying luxury bags and would get that irritating comment: “you paid what!…for that bag?”. At those times, I always felt like that person and I were from different planets. Understandably, it was usually my mom, who was furious about how I would spend all the money I worked for on traveling the world, amazing dinners and fabulous bags. Ten years later, I still haven’t quite managed to convince her on my logic, but it always felt right, and now I know why.

Take Prada for example, a brand that’s now synonymous with luxury leather goods and high fashion. A Prada bag that I bought ten years ago will still sell today for a good portion of its original price: in part because of the amazing quality, and in part because of the aura and prestige that surrounds the brand.

I have to admit that among luxury bags, Prada definitely makes some of the finest: they truly are of incredible quality. They use plush leathers, treated and coated in various ways that make their bags sensational to the touch. The stitching is impeccable and hardware the best, with that sometimes heavy but always sturdy feel. From Buffalo to Cervo to Daino and beyond, Prada bags retain that opulent Italian feel that many brands are starting to lose. Made in Italy is no longer a given in the luxury world, but with Prada, it’s part of their signature. If you’ve never touched a Prada bag (especially the Cervo or Daino leathers), go to a Prada store near you and get to it! Close your eyes and indulge, it won’t disappoint, and you might never look back. Consider them as investment pieces that you’ll enjoy and that will get better with age…now that’s beyond luxury. Viva la Prada!

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Lighten Up for Spring!

Posted Apr 08, 2010 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

With a breath of fresh air, we shed layers and feel a renewed optimism in the air…it’s Spring! Spring is full of wonder. It’s the sight of fabulous high heels, thousands of variations of beige, unexpected bursts of bright color, and of course, white – pure and simple white. People are lightening up their colors and springing up their mood so I thought it would be a great time to offer some tips on how to style it up and light(en) up for the new Season.

Those who know me know that I like to wear black. Not always, but it’s just what I have a tendency to reach for, especially when I’m very focused. I think part of it has to do with the fact that I have a strong personality and the other part is that I’m constantly creating, designing and working with colors and shapes…so my outfit needs not to be a fauvist distraction. Mind you, black on black texture can be fabulous, but as Spring comes around, I thought it would be nice to give the grays and blacks in our wardrobes a rest, and lighten up a little. Maybe you’ll agree, and even dare to….

I find that often people are afraid to wear color and have trouble figuring out what goes. Here are a few tricks that can help:

1- One bold color, paired with one neutral (or several shades of the same neutral):
Match warm brights with cool neutrals: examples: Red, Fushia, orange, yellow with cool grey. Cool brights with warm neutrals: light blue and khaki, ice green and brown, lavender and rust.

2- Black with ONE multicolored accessory:
Take a look at our Lamb Melbourne Satchel, now pair that with a black day dress and easy wear black or neutral skin-tone sandals, and you’re done.

3 – Bright accessory, neutral shoe, white blouse, jeans:
This is a uniform every woman should know about. Think candy apple patent bag, fetish school-girl shirt, dark washed jeans and buff shoes.

4- White is hot and bold, when paired with a soft color, and a dark anchor:
White and buff, white and gunmetal grey, white and washed purple…The anchor is usually a black shoe, belt, bag or shrug. It helps keep the eye of the person looking at you from getting lost in your pale brightness.

5- All white, with one neutral twist:
The twist is belt, a detail on a bag or accessory like a scarf. It keeps you from looking like Mrs.Clean.

6- If it works in nature, it will work for you:
Sand and blue sea, Brown and green trees, Volcano ash and orange lava…you get the drift. Nature is perfect.

7- Complementary colors if the mood is particularly bright:
In other words, opposites on the color wheel: red/green, blue/orange, yellow/violet. When doing this, make sure that only one is saturated, bright and popping, while the other is darker and more faded.

I hope this inspires you to try on some color, but most importantly, experiment to see what works best with your skin-tone, hair color and attitude…and make your own rules!

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Gwen Can Do No Wrong...

Posted Mar 26, 2010 by LUXUCA fashion blogger


This week I’d like to make a tribute to my favorite sexy tomboy singer, songwriter and designer Gwen Stefani, and the success of her L.A.M.B. line of clothing and accessories. Let me start by saying that this was not love at first sight. Gwen is the definition of cool, her unique style is down to a T, and I’ve loved her ever since her early belly bearing No Doubt days, but it took some time for her line to grow on me. Read about it shortly…and find a couple of L.A.M.B.’s signature pieces for sale in our catalog.


Gwen Stefani, previously known as the feisty punk-grunge vocalist of No Doubt, has over the span her career sold over 40 million albums worldwide, making her an incontestable success in the music arena and a modern pop sensation. But as we know from examples of stars digging their heels into things they shouldn’t have, being a hit in one area won’t necessarily make you a hit in another. Gwen proved to be an exception and joined the ranks of wonder-women like J-lo when she launched her L.A.M.B. line of clothing and accessories in 2003.

When the line first appeared on the runways, it wasn’t without its fair share of critics. I myself wasn’t initially drawn to the bold Jamaican color-block and black and white pattered pieces of the earlier collections. However, as the brand refined its identity, it became clear that the pieces were highly versatile everyday “glamazon” wear. You got some of Gwen in every bite, and her shoe and handbag collections just kept on getting more and more delicious. She was named “Most Fashion-Forward Artist” by Vogue Magazine, and in her own words: “It’s so amazing to create something and then put it out into the world and watch people discover it and make it their own. I’m basically sharing a piece of me.” In other words, L.A.M.B is defined by Gwen’s eclectic fashion sense and natural style.

The clothing and accessories are hip, bold, arty, and most importantly fun, fun, fun…with a good twist of flirt. That’s a fabulous cocktail to rock on your arm or wear on your feet. To get a taste of the real deal, see what we wave in treat for you this week…

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Bottega Veneta: Intrecciato Insignt

Posted Mar 10, 2010 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

I have always admired the beauty and sophistication of Bottega Veneta’s exquisitely woven leather bags, so much so that a few years back I purchased my first one at full retail in New York. Let me tell you, it was a splurge, but well worth it for a first, because it has since become a staple in my collection, coming out especially often during the Spring and Summer months. Considering that in the coming week, we’ll be be selling couple of their gorgeous and hard to find signature pieces, I thought it would be great to share the background of the brand with you and take a closer look into how “Intrecciato” came to be Bottega Veneta’s indispensable hallmark.

As some of you may know, Bottega Veneta has been a part of the Gucci group since 2001, but the house itself was founded in 1966 in Venice Italy. In fact, Bottega Veneta stands for “Venetian atelier” and rightfully so, since and all of their bags, jewelry and more, are hand made by artisans in Italy. This is comforting in a day and age where brands are increasingly manufacturing their goods in countries with lower labor costs to remain competitive. There is that undeniable aura of being “Made in Italy” that I think in the long run will distinguish the true luxury houses from the luxury masses. Bottega Veneta, an exclusive brand on the higher end of the luxury scale, has become renown for its woven leather technique called Intrecciato. How did this marvel come about? Well, it was initially a way of making their very thin supple leather a lot more durable. They used leather so fine because it was best to sewn by hand and under a manually operated sewing machine.

In the 80’s, Bottega Veneta was very hot with the jet-set crowd, including Andy Warhol, particularly because it was a “no-logo” luxury goods brand. Now you may think that Warhol and “no-logo” are oxymorons, but I can imagine that “nameless” aspect of the brand appealed to Warhol’s fascination with consumerist society.

During that era, Bottega Veneta’s tag line was “When your own initials are enough”. Sufficed to say that while the “no-logo” premise still remains today in a literal sense, the Intrecciato has become as recognizable as a CC or GG canvas. Yet, one can’t deny that the BV weave exudes a much more subtle and sophisticated flair, and speaks of the refined taste of the person who wears it. Oprah Whinfrey, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Katie Holmes and Renée Zellweger are just a few fans of Bottega Veneta bags, and who can blame them! Every fashionista should have at least one in her closet. If you’ve been dying for the opportunity to own a BV without breaking the bank, keep your eyes open as we’ll have a couple of their buttery soft Intrecciato bags in stock very soon, for a fraction of retail!

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What's Hangin' at Louis Vuitton? Spring 2010 Preview

Posted Feb 28, 2010 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

Welcome to the Louis Vuitton wonderland of Marc Jacobs…full of fox tails, trinkets and mountain backpacks to accompany well heeled jet-set campers, serial mismachers and globetrotting adventurers with a youthful exuberance that defies logic. Before I dig in, let me shamelessly admit that I know fashion week just passed in NY and that that’s probably what I should be focusing on right now, but I felt compelled, as so many of you looking forward to the warmer months, to talk about fashion that’s meant to be flaunted in the very near future — in Spring & Summer 2010. My target: Marc Jacob’s collection of LVs for the green season.

Jacobs is well known for his eclectic mixes on the runway, that to the trained eye, somehow, sometimes, work. This time however, dare I say, he let his style overpower the very brand he is supposed to promote. I wonder how it’s possible to make Louis Vuitton, the darling of luxury brands, seem unattractive? Well, he unfortunately managed to do just that in my opinion. Individually, certain pieces of the lineup have just the right mix of originality and classic functionality that Vuitton is known for. On the whole however, I find that the collection lacks an overall theme, at least not one that is in tune to what the Louis Vuitton brand stands for. It is as if almost every piece is designed as a special edition, which in itself takes away the appeal of what special eds are all about.

I also find some of his pieces to be strangely cocky and utterly tasteless…like the two thousand dollar GARBAGE BAG! Watch it, I say, because you might just get what you wish for! Ever hear of, “you are what you wear?” I’m sorry, but if the only reason you are wearing a bag is to be controversial or show a forced sense of humor, then this might be right, otherwise, it’s over the hill in my book.

Finally, I feel left out. What about those who love new models with a more classic feel? A few crumbs of clean sophisticated styling…but not more. It was about appealing to a Bubble Gum crowd. Not that there’s anything wrong with Bubble Gum! I just think that if he’s not careful, he will soon be replaced, despite the tremendous popularity of some his earlier collaborations with Louis Vuitton. There is no sense in alienating a brand’s biggest customer base in what is obviously an attempt to reach a younger audience. The only way I see some of these pieces as wearable is a la Vicoria Beckham: with head to toe black (Google it!), which is kind of sad, considering it will be Spring after all.

Though I love some of the color gradient canvas work to liven up a Spring & Summer wardrobe, I can’t help but feel sorry for that poor little fox that served as decoration, while some of the other pieces are just overloaded. Then again, fashion is often like a pendulum, if goes too far in one direction or the other before finding its rightful place. But the question remains: does a brand like Louis Vuitton need a revival, or are they just playing with fire? Why try to fix and fiddle with a well oiled machine? I think sometimes it’s just better to stick to the basics, and add in a twist here and there to keep things exciting.

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Loss of a Beautiful Voice: Alexander McQueen dies at age 40

Posted Feb 12, 2010 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

News of Alexander McQueen’s death shook the fashion industry at its core yesterday, who, along with fans of his collections and admirers of his talent, have lost a beautiful voice with his passing. Lee, as he was known to those close to him, was a 40 year old visionary designer of seemingly inexhaustive imagination. I wrote about him and candidly professed my love for his De-Manta clutch just last week. The treasures that he has left behind and his legacy of pushing the boundaries of fashion, from skulls and snakes, “into space” as he would say, will live on. Though admittedly it’s hard to imagine the McQueen house without its Queen, I hope they will be able to do his vision justice in the future. Wishing him peace and serenity, as though he were now living in the world of his heavenly underwater creations of the Season. Thank you for the beauty you brought into this world.

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Who is The Chloe Girl?

Posted Feb 10, 2010 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

When I look at different designer handbags, I often wonder: If this bag was a girl, what type of girl would she be? The popularity of Chloe’s handbags skyrocketed with the celeb coveted and everyday-favorite Paddington (which has now reached Icon status in the world of handbags). Ever since, Hannah MacGibbon and her team at the venerable fashion house have done a fabulous job creating a long line of bags that have landed on Must-Have lists around the globe. The Chloe Heloise (as seen in Crimson red above) is among those quickly reaching Holy Grail status. Chloe fashion and accessories, like the Heloise, paint the picture of an effortlessly confident woman with a slightly bohemian flair. Her hair flows naturally and her casual elegance is nonchalant. She does not need to try hard to get noticed, instead, attracting others with her glow and free-spirited attitude. She is a soft-modern hippie Princess, without the uber-high maintenance. And you have to admit that there is something special about a girl who knows how to command attention without being flashy. Net-a-Porter is now selling the Heloise in Antique Rose for the chunky sum of $1670 USD, BUT, find it here for a lot less very soon! We will be listing one (and only 1) up for sale at the end of February, in the universally flattering and oh so luscious Glazed Black. Looking forward to it!

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Alexander McQueen De-Manta Clutch

Posted Feb 03, 2010 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

Many of us, especially those living in colder climates, are anxious to shed our winter layers and welcome the new season. This Spring will be generous as it will not only unveil blossoming flowers, lustrous green hues and flowing layers of fabric; it will also bring the De-Manta clutch from Alexander McQueen’s S&S 2010 Runway Collection. His collection for the season was inspired by the deep seas, creating a line of digital aqua-blend colored fabrics simulating the flow of and “légèreté” of underwater currents and life in the depth of the ocean. Through executed with tremendous creative vision, unless you’re Lady Gaga, some of his pieces may be too avant-garde for you, like shoes that emulate crab claws. However, a few, like his De-Manta line of clutches are just the right blend of water and wow! Manta fish being the obvious association, the bags are designed with a sleek exoticism that will up the sexy and pop in your Spring and Summer wardrobe. My personal favorite being the multicolored Scuba Python version on top. Stay tuned for availability and prices by the end of March.

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New Year’s Resolutions: So Far...

Posted Feb 02, 2010 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

Now that we’ve safely passed the first month of the year, I though it would be appropriate to take a quick look in the rear-view and examine how faithful we’ve been to the vows we made before the clock struck midnight…but we’ll stick mainly to the fashion-related stuff! Personally, I have to admit that I no longer make any “official” resolutions, since I’ve found that they usually place too much undue pressure for things that I would sometimes like to work on slowly and naturally develop. However, when it comes to thinking about my closet of handbags and the resources that go into filling it, I’ve made a few unofficial ones that I’d like to share with you. Here they are:

1) BUY QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. As time passes, I find myself buying less, because the bags that I do buy are often much more expensive, have cleaner lines and are of exquisite quality. I figure since they’ll last me for years, I can amortize them over that time. My mom, who’s immaculate in preserving her clothing, still has Chanel bags and custom made Italian boots from 30 years ago. I guess I haven’t been impartial to her influence on my fashion sense.

2) STICK TO YOUR PERSONAL STYLE AND DON’T SUCCOMB TO THE TREND OF THE MOMENT. Having developed my personal sense of style over the years, whenever I walk into a showroom, sample sale or boutique, I immediately spot the one that “is me”. Although I like keeping up to date on the trends and latest collections, I would never wear something just because it is trendy. I think it’s a good idea to opt for pieces that reflect your base style, with a twist here and there. The key to looking good is wearing what you feel comfortable in and carrying it off with confidence.

3) ONLY BUY WHAT YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE. This one relates to number 3 because as a teen, I would buy clothing and accessories on impulse that would stay in my drawer with the price tag on it for years! As I’ve matured and fine-tuned my style, I only go for pieces that I fall in love with, regardless of the price-tag (well, most of the time ☺). If ever I feel lukewarm about something, I walk away. And if my style evolves to a point where I’m no longer wearing a piece, I try to get rid of it, which brings me to my fourth and last point.

4) CLEAN UP YOUR CLOSET EVERY YEAR AND GET RID OF WHAT YOU NO LONGER USE. Unless it has irreplaceable emotional value, if you haven’t used it in a year, it is very unlikely you will wear it again in the next ten years. So, get rid of it, and get some money back while you’re at it! It helps clear your home and your mind, not to mention that it fills your pocket, allowing you to opt for higher quality, with the matching price-rag.

Point is, try to minimize clutter without compromising on style: recycle & renew!

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The Big Dog Bag

Posted Dec 19, 2009 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

Last week, while in New York City, we came across something pretty hilarious: an uber-chic designer puffer coat for large dogs, which just happened to be so glam and oh so expensive. It's fascinating how much we love our pets...but do we idolize them enough to make an LV bag large enough a carry a monster-size pooch. Well, probably not since that would be ridiculous and utterly useless, right? Then again, who are we to judge!

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Burberry Season

Posted Nov 24, 2009 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

As the seasons turn, the leaves aren’t alone is changing colors; it seems that we humans are more like trees that we ever thought! Fall brings a cascade of earthy and firey hues, not only on the ground, but also covering the necks and stems of fashionistas in big cities everywhere. When the Autumn chill creeps up, bringing with it its fair share of rain, I just can’t help but notice all the famous checkered umbrellas sheltering stylish ensembles from the elements. And how many city blocks can you walk until the glance of a camel cashmere scarf distracts you. You notice it, and just can’t help it. It’s the ultimate classic status symbol. Out with the bling and in with the cashmere and luxe but functional materials in elegant timeless designs. Like any other classic, Burberry accessories are tried, tested and true!

Every designer brand seems to have “its own” season. I say Burberry has Fall in its corner. Here’s a little tribute to mother England! What’s great with the prominent fashion house is that they’re keeping up with the trends beautifully while maintaining the essence of what makes Burberry Burberry: a simple and elegant design, in the best functional yet luxurious materials available. Burberry’s exposed zipper clutch is fantastic example of how an elegant piece can be trendy and classic all at the same time. No wonder fashion is an art and not a science…you don’t know exactly why, but some pieces just hit the nail on the head, like this one. Clean yet not boring. Elegant yet tough. Sexy yet sophisticated. Love, love, love!

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Blog - Coming Soon

Posted Nov 24, 2009 by LUXUCA fashion blogger

Stay tuned for weekly insights as we bring you the latest quirks in style, fashion, fun, life, personalities and developments with LUXUCA. We love your comments and can all benefit from a different perspective or two.

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